With the exception of the introduction session, most sessions are 60 to 90 minutes in length.

Sessions are done either, face to face (if local), the phone (you make the call) or by ZOOM conferencing.

The Zoom platform is very easy to use. It works on any Windows or Mac computer and also on iOS and Android phones and tablets. If you have not used Zoom before, please follow the instructions in the Zoom Information section below

Sessions are scheduled during convenient times mutually agreed upon. I have clients across the country and I am used to different time zones – so nothing is unreasonable. Depending on you, coaching sessions can be as regular as you want. I have clients that we meet every week and some once a month. Some start off once a week and go on a maintenance schedule of once a month or a quarter.

Cat: Where are you going? Alice: Which way should I go? Cat: That depends on where you are going. Alice: I don’t know. Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go. ~ Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

The introductory session is designed for us to get to know each other and to give you the experience of a coaching session. Even if you don’t continue, I promise that you will have some valuable takeaways, and ideas to get you moving in the right direction.

Bring a journal or notebook to each session for taking notes and jogging down thoughts as they might come up. If you take notes during our sessions, you will retain 40% more of the knowledge versus 10% if you just listen! (Science-based fact!)

At the end of each session, there may be homework exercises to do between sessions, along with requests for action, which you may accept, reject or negotiate on. All this depends on your comfort level.

If you are truly committed to getting the most out of your coaching sessions, you will find real benefits in stretching in-between sessions.


  • There are NO long-term commitments. If you want to stop prior to completing your package if you feel you are not getting any value out of every single session, I will refund the remaining balance.
  • I do recommend if you are at all serious about getting real results to make a commitment to yourself for at least 6 sessions.
  • ALL coaching sessions are held in the strictest level of confidentiality. Unless you tell someone that we are working together (or give me permission to do so). Even at that level, I do not discuss any of the sessions in detail.
  • Life Coaches do have a Code of Ethics – to read them click here.
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Tips for Having a Good Experience

  • If you are a first-time Zoom user, be sure to install the Zoom application before the session begins (see Zoom Information below). It’s simple and only takes a minute or two but we strongly advise not waiting until the last minute.
  • Join the session before the start time as we plan to start promptly on time

Zoom Information

First Time Zoom Users:

Windows and Mac computers: Please enter the session about five minutes early and follow the on-screen instructions allowing Zoom to install a small application on your computer. This normally goes very smoothly and quickly.