“The greatest tragedy in life is to spend your whole life fishing only to discover that it was not fish you were after”    ~  Henry David Thoreau

Here is what’s in it for you…


What do you want? Most people know what they don’t want because of they have a direct experience of it. Coaching helps you get clear about what you would like to achieve or get out of life. Coaching helps you get and stay clear on what your goals and the direction you would like to head.


The follow up and the reinforcement are the most powerful tolls created. It is always easier to achieve something with an accountability partner! As your coach, I don’t give advice or tell you what you should do; it is together that we create goals that realistic, achievable, meaningful to you. The simple act of telling a select few what you intend to do can make a huge difference in the desire to achieve it. If you find that you are putting something off week after week, it is much more obvious in the coaching scenario and gets dealt with quicker than you may do by yourself. This means that you can either get to the bottom of why you have not achieved the goal or decide to leave it to one side if you realize it no longer inspires you.

Unbiased Input

Yes Mom always knew best, Dad too. We often however hear things better from an outsider than from people that may be closer to the situation or circumstance your in. That distance can make all the difference.

A focus on YOU

Yes, you! There is a reason during the air mask demonstration on the airplane, that they stress that YOU should put on the mask first before helping anyone else. It’s because if you don’t look after YOU, you will be in no shape to look after someone else. So, coaching is focused on the YOU first.

Yes, putting you first, getting you right first!

There is no magic wand. Being coached will be challenging, hard work and life changing. I will push and support you (not force you) past your comfort zone where you will face the real, authentic you.

Sometimes there are hard lessons to learn or un-learn and it’s worth moment.

Ready to take action?

  • Get absolute clarity on your values and the top goals for you in the next year
  • Isolate and reframe those limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past
  • Devise an action plan to achieve your specific outcomes

Take a step that will put you back in charge of your destiny.

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“If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. But if you want big and primary changes, work on your paradigms.”     ~  Stephen Covey