Private Individual Coaching Fees

I recommend that you and I work together for 3 to 6 months, booking appointments every week or every other week. Anything less then that doesn’t set you up for success.

Someday is not another day in the week!

Coaching sessions are done either In-Person (local area only) or Telephone (client calls) or using ZOOM on-line meeting (no fees or charges from anywhere in the world)

All sessions are up to 60 minutes in length and scheduled accordingly, usually every two weeks depending on the needs of the client. (For  more details click here.)

A single session, while not recommended for deeper results is $125

A four (4) session block is $400

A twelve (12) session block is $900

Purchased blocks of sessions must be used within the 12 months from purchase date.

Each client gets email and emergency support for the duration of the coaching term.

Once you have completed a session and feel that a once in a while touch in maintenance session is required they are $65 for 30 minutes.

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