Private Individual Coaching

One of the biggest issues and stumbling blocks that people have is over money. Or more accurately, the lack of. It is interesting though that most people will always find the funds to support what they truly feel they need.

I am not here to argue about money. I am here to help you remove the barriers that you may have about money and the willingness to be selfish with yourself, maybe for the first time in your life and invest in yourself.

YES, I said selfish! There is a good reason that the instructions given when taking off in an airplane and if something should go wrong and “we loose cabin pressure”, PUT THE MASK ON YOU FIRST.

You are NO GOOD to anyone dead!

Harsh, yes!

You can not fix anything outside of you until you work on what is inside of you first. It is time for you to let me put the mask on you so you can start breathing again and live that life you want – on your terms and not by the circumstances that surround you!

Someday is not another day of the week!

Nothing happens unless you make it happen and everything has a price. My commitment to you is that you will get more than what I have valued the sessions at. I am also committed to making coaching affordable to as many individuals I can, who are committed themselves to change.

Coaching sessions are done either In-Person (local area only) or Telephone (client calls) or using ZOOM on-line meeting (no fees or charges from anywhere in the world)

All sessions are 60 minutes in length and scheduled according to your schedule. (Dependent of course if I am not booked. For  more details click here.)

Each client gets email and emergency support for the duration of the coaching term. You have questions or need greater insight or detail – email me. Having a meltdown (it happens) you will have a special link and number to contact me at anytime.

If you have a desire to have a coach and affordability is a concern at this stage of your life, MAKE ME AN OFFER or ask for the “family” discount. Have the courage to give me the opportunity to say – Yes or NO. I may surprise you and besides the first session is FREE!

If your ready to invest in yourself and to totally transform every aspect of your life – click on this link below