Private Individual Coaching Fees

I recommend that you and I work together for 3 to 6 months. Anything less that that doesn’t set you up for success. How many years have you made to with “almost” and “good enough”?

Coaching sessions are done either In-Person (local area only) or Telephone (client calls) or using ZOOM on-line meeting (no fees or charges from any where in the world)

All sessions are  45 to 60 minutes in length. (For  more details click here.)

4 sessions is $350.00

Three month commitment, 12 sessions is $900.00

Six month commitment, 24 sessions is $1600.00

Each client gets email and emergency support for the duration of the coaching term.

Once you have completed a session and feel that a once in a while touch in maintenance session is required they are $45 for 30 minutes.

If your ready to have that initial conversation with the power to totally transform every aspect of your life.