A little more about me

I have a past and I am not my past. There are things that describe me and there are things that you might find of interest.

I have learned that I am not my past. It does not define me, it only describes me.

Ever since I was in my late teens, after reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People” along with “As a Man Thinketh“, I was hooked on personal development. Grabbing anything I could off the library shelf. At that time, I was looking for answers. Why am I the way I am?

I felt different. Not connected. I felt that I thought differently, how ever I didn’t act differently. Something seemed to be holding me back; keeping me in a shell, yelling to the outside to free me.

Then in 1982, a friend introduced me to this new kind of workshop developed by a guy out of California, Werner Erhard and est (Erhard Standard Training).

That was my big introduction to what is now called back then the Human Potential Movement. For the next several years, I continued to take many of the courses offered, not only from that est Foundation but from other institutes and also continued my self-study through reading numerous books and papers. To describe it as an insatiable appetite and an incurable curiosity for learning would be an understatement!

Although many of the workshops and programs were considered very controversial at the time, it did provide to me a framework for acting in a “personal responsibility, accountability, choice and unlimited possibility” way.

Knowledge is one thing, practice and applying what you learnt is another and the foundation of my coaching is the results and experiences that I have had with using that knowledge.

In 1985, I became a paramedic, working for the BC Ambulance Service. For the next 30 years I had a career that served me very well and ticked every box on the “human needs” box, particularly in the growth and contribution boxes. (You can read more about the 6 Human Needs here)

Although I had other careers, like banking, where the focus on service is regarded as key. Serving under the chaos conditions that were presented in the Emergency Services Field, taxed you physically, and mentally deep into your soul.

It was and still is a great career and unfortunately no one leaves it unscarred.

You can’t undo what you have already witnessed or experienced!

It wasn’t until I injured my back that I realized how much the work was affecting me mentally. Having been told that I might not be able to go back put me in a pretty unhappy place.

I allowed the work to define me!

Holy Shit, Batman! I was deep inside my head and down rabbit hole. Although it took me a couple of weeks, I did became fully aware of the situation and used all the training and knowledge that I accumulated to pull me out of that rabbit hole. Being highly self-aware is key to changing any situation.

I needed to write the next chapters, instead of allowing the circumstances decide my future for me!

And that is what I did. I learned about my injury in great depth and pushed myself beyond the boundaries that my body was telling me that I couldn’t do. I remember telling my physiotherapist, “Am I going to hurt myself anymore if I continue past this pain?” He said, nope and that was all the permission I needed to keep moving get past the pain. I refused to allow the pain to slow me down.

A freakn’ miracle happened shortly after that, and the pain went away! Nothing! Now to build strength and within a month I was back serving.

Twenty-two years on the streets, supervisory rolls started to come available and I took them. It was my opportunity to extend my service to those that were giving the care. I have always believed and still do, that if you treat people right, they will treat others in the same way. Our influence on others extends way beyond 1 or 2 degrees. Studies have shown that a single action, positive or negative actually can influence future behaviour in 1000 people!

The Emergency Services is THE hardest career to walk away from.

Try being escorted out.

Yup, in my 30th year, one week before receiving a Governor General’s Award of Excellence for EMS, I was told that my services were no longer needed due to the restructuring. Do not pass go, do not talk to your staff (we will), do not collect your awards (we will mail them to you), stay away and do not interact with anyone that continues to work for the organization.

That was it. Done and DONE!

One month later, I was diagnosed with cancer, parents became very ill and I took on the role of caregiver to my mother until she passed a year later.

I tell you this not to give me a WOW, or feel sorry for me. We all have shit that goes on. Some far worse than what I went through, a lot worse. What it provided for me was another chance to use the training and knowledge and again, write new chapters for the future me. How awesome is that!

Several years ago I came across a Japanese concept called, Ikigai, “a reason for being.” It is a series of reflecting exercises that I do with clients who are looking to reinvent themselves and that is what I needed to do. I was not ready for the “retirement” phase yet. Besides, what really is retirement?

I would rather have a life where I was pulled towards a created future, than one that was pushed and influenced from the past towards a predictable future.

I am not practicing to be a master. I am a master, practicing!

That my friend is the mindset that I needed to move me forward with the continued circumstances that I have in my life.

I started Four Hats Coaching to continue to serve, I did not see retirement as an option. Now I could design a career that supported me, allowed me to use the gifts that I have and in turn help others discover their gifts. To help them understand and experience life as a whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving and happy human.

As you might be able to tell, I am a bit of a story teller. I love to share stories, metaphorically speak, highly perceptive and intuitive. I love to inspire and help others create new mindsets and to see what could be possible in their life. That’s my superpower!

What grounds me are my relationships. The relationships that I have with my wife/soul mate for 40+ years, who together we raised four wonderful daughters, who have awesome mates, who have blessed us with 8 grandchildren, with friends and with the many people that I have met on my journey.

Its God and Family

I would love to meet and chat with you, so take a risk and…

I look forward to having that conversation with you soon.

With much love,

Other stuff of interest

Coaching since 2015

Certified Coach – Coaching Out of the Box

Certified Change Management Practitioner – Prosci Inc.

Trained in Jungian Typology and a Client Practitioner with Insights

30 years in Emergency Health Services (Paramedic), 10 years in Leadership Roles

11 years in rural Fire Services, Firefighter, Lieutenant, Training Captain

Toastmasters International, ACS/ALB,  District 21, Div A, Area 5 Director

Other Courses and Workshops: Crucial Conversations; Clear Leadership; Context Training; Core and Experience Leadership LINX; Coaching Practices for Managers – Dalhousie; The Communications Workshop; The Breakthrough System – Robbins-Mandes; Coaching Techniques that Drive Change, Skillsoft Ireland; Indigenous Cultural Competency

Recipient of: Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal; BCAS Leadership and Teamwork Award; Community Service Award; Governor General of Canada Commendation for Bravery

Volunteer Work: Leadership Mentor with the Paramedic Chief’s of Canada; The Movember Organization; Heart and Stroke

Cancer Survivor