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It’s Time to be You Again!

“The point is to become yourself, to use yourself completely – all your skills, gifts and energies – in order to make your vision manifest. You must withhold nothing.”      –    Warren Bennis

Welcome to your future! Just think you are only one decision away from changing it forever!

Screw your past! It is now time to take a bold step toward taking real action in your life!

I am your coach, Rick Ruppenthal. My specialty is transformational change. Change that lasts. Change that gets results.

To me, coaching has always been about changing your relationships to your circumstances in a way that if you wanted to transform something and if you could have a different way of looking at it, suddenly things begin to change. Things appear that were not there before, like ideas and creativity.

That relationship to your circumstances changes in a way that in the moment, you now have different possibilities (endless possibilities in fact), different choices and different actions that you can take to make real lasting changes in your life. When you get you right, everything else falls into place.

The possible becomes the possible!

What makes anything possible is to recognize that you and I as human beings, are having this experience called living, with all its joys, sorrows, ups and downs, its triumphs and struggles. We are constantly taking actions which will always affect the future, no matter what!

Those experiences whether good, bad or indifferent and our actions (more like reactions) to them, counted and still counts today.

All actions including doing nothing , will always affect your outcomes!

Not happy with the results?

Change your actions!

Why are you making it so difficult?

The question is are we taking actions as an expression of ourselves or are we taking actions as a function of what somebody else thinks or as a function of some problem we’re trying to solve or as a reaction to the world?

Maybe it is that large sack of past crap that you have been dragging around with you that is weighing you down so much that any actions you try to take go no where. Your life is full of sadness, frustration, anger and depression you feel you can’t see the end and forget about seeing any rainbows or unicorns, that’s never going to happen!

We are always taking some sort of action. Would it surprise you to learn that you are actually perfect. You produce perfect results. You may not like those results, but they are yours and when you understand how that works, you can actually produce the results you intend.

Are you creating YOUR world?

If your not, who is then?

I want to be your coach. I want to help give you the opportunity to go beyond anything you thought about yourself. I want you to be that most effective, loving, forgiving, adventurous, passionate, committed, understanding, successful and creative human being that you could possibly be. That is my commitment to you.

If your not looking forward to getting out of bed and taking on the day, then your not inspired by your life – you are bored and addicted to certainty!

Being your coach is like having me as your own personal navigator through your journey of life; someone who will help find your flow, purpose, your reason to get up in the morning and keep you on your course.

This is NOT a life time commitment. You hire me to fire me. I provide the tools, skill set and accountability for you to forge a future life on your terms.

This is your life!

One that is designed by you that inspires you. If your not getting the results you want, why are you screwing it up?

Image of five hikers walking in a fog bank with the text Fear is at the threshold of a life that is worth living.
Each of us has the abilities within us to BE come who we wish to be.
It’s having the courage to take that first step into a world of endless

When you become unstuck, you then get to realize how much more real and vibrant life really is, than any fantasy or imagined future could be. You get to experience the richness, beauty and details of the present moment – the NOW.

What would you be committed to if, you were not limited by what you think is limiting you?

At the heart of all my work for you is for you to discover your authentic self. That who, you are being and, to realize you do have choices, you do have answers and you can act with POWER – FOCUS – PASSION and GRACE!

If it were to all work out, what then?

Imagine a life where you can finally break free of your limiting self-talk and instead of having life happen to you, it happens for you!

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.”
― Buckminster R. Fuller



My coaching uses a unique, integrative approach based on Jungian models, ontology, Human Needs Psychology, Strategic Results Sessions and Ikigai.

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What My Clients Think

Loved the exercise for it’s thought ‘provokingness’ – made me think about my thought process. Thank you!      M. H.

A very interesting and engaging presentation tonight. Very useful for all of us, whether we are in sales or just using the info to better relate to our spouses or co-workers, etc. Helpful and enjoyable, thanks.     R.   M.

You have a great knack of asking the right questions at the right time. Really has gotten me to look deep and understand my relationships better. Stuff still happens and I’m loving it!      M.  F.

I love how your are engaging.What you have given me has had a dramatic change in my life. What you do is very very important. S, you have my complete endorsement! Thank you for helping me.         D. E.

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